Saturday, April 19, 2008


I'll be talking about my adventures in beading and trying to sell my creations, in this blog. I have two other blogs, one is my personal, general blog Nvnc Id Vides, Nvnc Ne Vides and the other is Drive By Booking, which has been dark for some time. I started it as my NaNoWriMo journal and then after NaNo, tried posting regular small press book reviews, but I lost the enthusiasm for it after a bit and haven't decided whether or not I'll be trying to make a go of it again. Anyway, there's more about me in my profile and other blog, so I'll not say more here.

Regarding beading, I have a storefront on Etsy and do a lot of face to face sales. I'm creating a 'niche' product in that my focus is on beaded badge lanyards - but the kind that you wouldn't be ashamed to wear as a necklace with a nice suit or dress after hours. I use the nicest materials I can find but still keep the prices reasonable. My favorite materials are stone and Czech glass and lots of metals.

I'll post pictures of my current works and talk about my challenges and successes, too. If I ever think there's something helpful I've learned, I'll pass it along.

More to come! Please visit often!

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