Saturday, February 7, 2009

Short Saturday Snippet

2 New listings up at my Art Fire shop today. Tinkered with a new vintage and vaguely oriental style copper and peridot Czech glass two strand necklace that ends with a tasseled pendant. I wanted to be rather lavish with the copper, so for part of it I used multiply stacked bead caps. I had new leaves, flowers, butterflies sort of spring idea in mind, so I used some flower beads and beadcaps that looked floral and butterfly beads .

But I also watched a lot of TiVoed shows with my husband today and didn't get much else done. I'm really enjoying the show "Life on Mars", undoubtedly because it's about the 70s when I was a teenager and they seem to be getting at least the feel of it right.

I want to get more photos done tomorrow, hope the day is fairly sunny. If not, I'll be a bit upset at myself for not taking advantage of the great light today.

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