Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Miscellany - Pink Lampwork with Brass Necklace

Happy Hanukkah! I know I'm a few days late, my apologies for not mentioning it until now. My son's significant is celebrating it with him each evening and he reminded me when we spoke the other day. I've pretty much finished up my Christmas shopping. Just a thing or two still coming in the mail (or UPS as the case may be).

A while back I made a necklace using amber and some Beadin' Path vintage glass beads. Part of the necklace used amber colored glass that I'd collected from quite a few glass mix packages (Blue Moon). While arranging the beads I wanted to use in the amber necklace, I discovered that some of the glass was more pink/mauve with a golden AB coating than the golden brown I needed. Those I sorted out and put aside.

Then, while going through other various beads I noticed that those beads went really well with some others that I'd used in various designs which had all ended up in an odds and ends dish. After playing around with various combinations, this is the result.

The design was a bit constrained by the number of antiqued brass spacers and lampwork beads I had in my stash, but I'm still quite happy with how it looks.

I recently received some Trios from Soft Flex (thank you, Sara!) - a set of Satin Silver Soft Touch in Very Fine, Fine and Medium diameters, plus a set of Fine, Medium and Heavy Soft Flex, also in Satin Silver. I'll be working up some new pieces with these and giving you my impressions, so I hope you'll come by to see.

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