Sunday, April 20, 2008

Finding a Supplier for an Unusual Shape Bead

I've noticed that there is consistency from supplier to supplier when it comes to the names of most beads and their shapes. However, there is this one glass bead I really like and can only find in limited colors at one supplier. I've tried using the name that supplier uses, "wavy diamond", in searches elsewhere to find it in the pale pink that I want - and I'd be interested in other colors as well. Aqua or another shade of pale blue and lavender would be my next picks. I love the finished design with this bead - you can see one of the pieces at my Etsy shop
that I did in a rose pink with copper. It's one of my favorite lanyards.

I must have purchased the original batch at Michael's in a couple of small packages but I have no idea who was the distributor and I'm short about 20 more beads to get the length I want for a lanyard. I've searched and searched to no avail.

If you know where I can order a quantity (minimum 20, but I'd like more) this bead, in this pale pink color, please tell me!

view 1

view 2 (shows side views of the shape)

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