Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fall Has Officially Arrived and I Celebrate With Fall Color Projects

I finished my vintage style filigree and amber glass bead necklace today and have set up a fall display for photographs. I've also been playing with making jump ring chains and some earrings. Wanted to share the new necklace - there's a 'hidden' touch, I've put four faceted amber glass roundells inside the large filigree bead - they're barely visible at close examination, but I think they will glint inside a bit in the sunlight. The clasp has an extender chain with a tiny amber glass bead at the end. It hangs about 9 inches from collarbone to the end of the beaded focal piece.

I wish my weekend wasn't nearly over - there are a number of ideas bouncing around in my head and I might get them started, but I know that next week is going to be busy at work, so in the evening I'll be rather tired and don't know if I'll get a lot done. Nevertheless, I have a number of great fall color beads, ambers, garnets, browns and golds that I look forward to working with.

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