Friday, September 19, 2008

I Figured it Out - With Help, Of Course

I have learned how to do the Byzantine pattern chain from jumprings!I really thought it would be a big challenge but it hasn't been too bad. The well illustrated and easy to follow steps came from "Bead Man". I've run out of jump rings in this size and color - but I had enough to get the hang of it:

I got some disappointing news about Los Con, although I was first on the waitlist, and there had been two unclaimed tables, which I admit got my hopes up a little, apparently they got claimed and I'm still on the waitlist. At some point I will have to say "this is definitely not going to happen" and give up, but I'm not sure when I'll do that, yet.

I will assuage my grief by buying lots of jumprings and making Byzantine chains. And figuring out how to fix the glass jewels to my filigree work in progress. And practice using my new hammer and anvil. And adding the pretty faceted crystal drops to my filigree work in progress. Looks like I have plenty of distractions to keep me from moping about the lost opportunity.

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