Monday, January 12, 2009

Adding Lanyards to New Necklaces

You may recall a post about a necklace, bracelet and earring set I made with "camouflage" stone (still don't know what kind of stone that is - and I would love to get more of it). I made a matching lanyard so I could wear the set to work. The lanyard is quite long at 35" but works beautifully as a proximity reader badge (no need to swipe it, just get it in front of the reader at about 2 - 3" distance and it's recognized) lanyard - not much need to bend to get the badge lined up with the reader. I used the same metal spacers and camo stone, added black Czech glass druk beads and gold plated seed beads.

Then I decided to match the knotted blue necklace (outside) with a lanyard (inside) using the same larger pinched bead and druk beads, but no seed beads. It also includes the silver plated bead caps and seed beads. It's 32" long.

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