Friday, January 2, 2009

Another Knotted Necklace, Reorganizing, Looking Forward to Learning New Things

I spent the day organizing and arranging my workspace in preparation for bringing in some additional shelving tomorrow, along with creating a new knotted necklace while listening to an audio book reading of Jane Eyre. As mentioned before, I find knotting relaxing, so I used it as a break now and then from the tidying efforts. The total length of the Czech glass tigereye druk beads, with small matte gold colored glass seed beads, is 56".

I only have brown and black silk right now, but I've ordered some additional colors and look forward to making more knotted necklaces when they arrive.

I also finished a linked necklace earlier this morning, before I started on the knotted one above. I used ivory and white glass druk beads, amber shell beads and ivory tablet cut beads linked with gold plated eyepins and jump rings.

Once I have my space reorgainized, I look forward to setting up an area to start working with art clay - a late Christmas gift arrived the other day that will be very helpful, a pasta machine. I also asked for some books, which did come before Christmas and were under the tree. I will be reading up on the other materials and tools I need to get started, then I'll start experimenting. I truly look forward to it.

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