Friday, April 24, 2009

Looking Forward to Arrival of Swarovski Tahitian-Look Pearl Order

Don't forget - there's still time left to get great deals at the Artbeads dollar days sale which ends next Tuesday (Apr. 28th) at 9 am Pacific. The reason I was reminded to mention it was yesterday I had a meeting at work and wore a necklace and earrings with beautiful black Tahitian pearls set in gold that my husband bought me from Na Hoku Jewelers for Christmas a couple years ago. (the earrings below aren't shown with Tahitian pearl, but the style is the same)

I didn't have a lanyard or a bracelet that complemented them - I had hematite and silver, but not gold. I ended up wearing my black onyx and gold-filled bead lanyard as a result.

So when I got home, I went to the Artbeads site to order some Swarovski pearls in "Tahitian-look" so I could make a matching lanyard. Actutally, I want to make a couple lanyards and other matching accessories. I need pieces with spacers and findings in both silver and gold, because my DH had also gotten me a silver pearl set the year before the gold one. Anyway, Artbeads had large hole 14mm Tahitian-look pearls on their sale list and I thought those would make a great bracelet, maybe using ribbon, or cord, instead of beading wire. Can't wait to get them and show you!

I also got more black (matte jet) clamshell beads so I can make more pieces like the Black Sand Beach one (modeled here by the beautiful Tish!) and some pearlized light colors for other designs. I'm gonna be very happy to see that box on the front porch!

Speaking of Tish, a while ago I posted about a necklace that needed a clasp (all the way at the bottom of the post is the picture) and I'm pretty sure it was Tish gave me a link (I can't find the link to where she mentioned it though) to a clasp from Dry Gulch Beads and Jewelry - which I liked (along with a few other things there), and bought. The package arrived today *yay!* and here's the finished necklace on me:

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