Friday, May 1, 2009

Angelite Jewelry Lanyard and Accessories

Had some meetings today, so last night I knew that I was going to wear a pair of medium gray slacks with a subtle periwinkle blue pinstripe, matching silk knit cable sweater and gray knit and suede sweater jacket. I got out my hematite, the new angelite stones I received the other day, and made this lanyard to go with the outfit:

(please click to enlarge for detail)

The angelite stone is nearly a perfect match to the sweater. I also made earrings - the bead caps in the earrings and lanyard are Tierra Cast gold plated lead free pewter, ordered from D & I and have simply lovely detail, and a bracelet, but in the bracelet I used the Swarovski Tahitian-look pearls instead of hematite:

And this is kinda what they all look like on (what you can see of) me in the periwinkle blue sweater and added Swarovski Tahitian-look pearl and gold bead bracelet I made the day before (note the Tahitian pearl pendant - goes great with hematite, too).

I do plan on making more with the Swarovski pearls, but I have a lot of hematite, especially the 4mm rounds, because I wear a lot of dark to medium gray in the fall and winter and lighter gray in the spring. Of course, all my meetings were with guys who probably didn't even notice the jewelry (and if they did weren't about to comment). I may make a duplicate set for sale - but for now, these stay in my personal collection!

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Blogger Lisa said...

Gorgeous set and really jazzes up your outfit which is nice on its own, but this photo shows how nicely it styles it up!

May 2, 2009 at 5:39 AM  

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