Friday, May 22, 2009

Bay Con Day 1 Wrap-up

It got a bit busy around 5pm and I had the opportunity to visit with two wonderful ladies I originally met through mutual friends at the WorldCon in Denver last summer. One of whom was also at Potlatch and, as I finally and rather embarrassingly realized, I've been chatting with about coming to BayCon on Twitter. I didn't put the name I knew her by at the cons together with her Twitter user name right away and did one of those smack yourself on the forehead things when I realized. I don't mind laughter at my expense!

Not many sales, but I wasn't expecting much today. The weekend, hopefully will be better. That said, I did make back the cost of the table. Tomorrow I hope to make back the cost of the internet connection ($13.00 a day!) and valet parking ($9.00 a day). I have my display figured out at least! got everything tagged but earrings. I really have to figure out earring display and tagging one of these days. Right now they just hang on a wire stand. Yeah, kinda ugly but it's what I had handy.

Also got to know my other table-mate, the fun and lovely Sally Norton. She makes the most beautiful vintage-style jewelry.

My badge ribbons (just the top two, the other one is the one I wear) are moving quite well at this con - had to re-stock the pile a couple times. I got some good ones too - will snap a pic and show you tomorrow. Yes, there *will* be pictures tomorrow, I put my memory card in my purse!

Hope to find the lovely gentleman in the fabulous clothes tomorrow (and hope he's still in fabulous clothes) for a picture. He had some arctic goggles from the 19th century he showed me, too - fur around the dark green lenses, a cool carrying case. Saw many other great Victorian style costumes too.

Will post tomorrow from con, with pictures!

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