Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mid-Week Mutterings - Big News About Tomorrow's Post

Why is that sketch of a dog in a sailor suit up there?
Why are his hands oddly shaped flippers?
He's an odd mutt!
Wednesday's theme is going to be Dawno's odd mutterings.

Wednesday's I will mutter about things to come and things I have done and things I may be imagining.

This is primarily because I'd yet to come up with a theme for Wednesday's posts and here it is, Tuesday night, when I need to write my post.

It may still come to me to do something different, and it may stay this way - I'm feeling quite flexible about it.

In light of the decision I've made to try and organize my posting around themes for each weekday, I have decided that on Thursdays I'll be doing a review of either a jewelry, crafts, or beading book/article, or a jewelry/crafts/beading blog or shop *or* an interview of someone whom I hope will be of interest to readers.

You may recall my interview of Tish from Just A Tish, and I would love to do more interviews of bloggers who comment here, or who I know from Twitter. I'm looking forward to featuring you - and I'm hoping you won't be shy when I ask.

So, for tomorrow's interview: Big News! Tomorrow I will post my interview of John A. Jacobs, CEO of Art Fire. I'm really thrilled he agreed to be interviewed for my tiny blog way out here at the end of the long tail of the Beadosphere. And it all started with Twitter, by the way - more on that tomorrow. I hope you'll visit (and tell a friend or two to drop by).

Back to the muttering -

Time is getting short for me to prepare for Bay Con, so I really need to get the whole thing organized in my head. I talked about making a project plan, never did it, though, and am quite regretting it. I may still try to get these final 9 days charted out. I want to bring a good selection of steampunk style things, but I also did pretty well last year with my basic lanyard fare - which was all I was doing at the time. I'm a bit stalled by the indecision of it all.

Even so - I got back to work last night on my steampunk-ish mini-charms. Added one new one (in the center), added a touch to another - there are some nearly microscopic-ruby jewelelled bits in two of them now.

(click to enlarge for detail)

I also started on this mixed metal medallion. The two larger pieces in back aren't glued in yet, and the brass wedge at the bottom of the centerpiece, which has two tiny ruby jewels in it, isn't glued in yet, either. I think I'm going to try and clean that piece up a bit before gluing. I'm considering putting a pin/bail back on it so it can be worn either way.

While I was rummaging for a part, I came across this found object I picked up in a parking lot. It was very scratched and dirty, but I cleaned and buffed it with an emery board and then again with a 3-part nail buffer board. Someday I may actually get real sandpaper and polishing stuff... I have no idea what it's made of, could be full of lead for all I know, but I think I'll work it into something and make sure I put a tag on it with all the requisite warnings about unknown material, etc.

Ok, enough mutterings. Please come back tomorrow for the interview - post goes up at 6 a.m.!

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