Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday Miscellany - Gunmetal Circles Choker

Summer doesn't end on Labor Day weekend, but there's a definite feeling that it's really over when I go back to work on the Tuesday after. The weather here will probably stay mild for quite a while - well into October usually. The weather forecast for next week has temperatures in the upper 80s with one day's high at 90, so I'm not putting away my short sleeved shirts and lightweight slacks quite yet. Still, I'm mentally ready to start pulling out the autumn colors if for nothing more than the change of pace.

Because my Fall and Winter wardrobe has a lot of black and gray, I've kept an eye out for gunmetal chain and findings. I've also a fair amount of brown and rust color pieces, so antique gold and brass get picked up, too.

With that in mind, when I visited Michael's on Friday to pick up, oh, one or two essentials for the long weekend (ha! thank goodness I remembered my 15% off coupon) and found an good assortment of gunmetal items, I ended up grabbing quite a bit. One of my selections, from the Plaid "Bad Apple" display, inspired me to grab the remaining Rings & Things gluable challenge bracelet blank (which has been sitting on my worktable mocking me ever since March '09) and make something with it. There's no glue involved, however.

I've used black and purple jump rings from the Blue Buddha Boutique assortment I bought several months ago to connect the rings, except for the ones attached to the bracelet blank, which are gunmetal. I've resisted the temptation to do anything more to it so far. I think keeping it simple works.

During that same trip on Friday I bought some alcohol inks, clear unmounted stamps (and acrylic blocks so they can be more easily used for stamping), rubber stamps, embossing powder, a heat gun, memory glass, memory glass frames, black chain and findings, more gunmetal chain and findings, brass chain and findings some new beads and a package of Shrinky Dink plastic. After reading Beyond the Bead I have serious urges to try all sorts of new things. Experimentation makes me a little bit nervous, but recently I've come to see that even the experimental failures have taught me valuable things and improved my work in the long run.

Well, that's it for today. If you're American, hope you're enjoying your Labor Day and I wish everyone a lovely day and a good week. See you tomorrow for Tuesday Tidbits.

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this is good!

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