Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rings & Things Blog Partner Goodies Are Here!

My Rings & Things Blog Partner package of shell pearls and faceted glass roundelles arrived from Rings & Things on Saturday. The shell pearl colors are a wonderful mix with a dark orange-y peach, antique gold, purple, mauve, and some light and dark gray. Forgive me for being lazy, but since JustATish already itemized her package, and it looks pretty much the same. I'll just provide you with a link to her post (and you can read what she's up to with hers, as well!)

The roundelles came in a deep purple and a dark royal blue with an iridescent coating. There were also a few loose pearl-like beads (also made to look like freshwater pearls with shell or perhaps they are freshwater pearls - not sure) in the shipping package. Sadly, quite a few of those loose beads were cracked, chipped and broken.

The shell pearls fared better, but there are dents in some of the larger (16mm) ones, which is unfortunate, as they're otherwise really pretty, but I'd hesitate to use them in earrings or as necklace focals. They were all packed quite tightly in a zip lock bag inside the padded mailer and perhaps that's why rather than a manufacturing defect. I do hope that the same beads would be better packed for purchase, it would be very disappointing to get them in poor condition.

For some reason I immediately got a mental picture of the big pearls as earrings, so I grabbed some headpins and bead caps in antiqued brass for these:

I don't know if your computer shows the color well, but these are done with the purple shell pearls and roundelles. The purple color is really lovely in person. Also, the larger pearl, it's pretty bold for a pearl - would cover up a dime if you set it on one.

I'll be making more pieces with the goodies and sharing soon. I've got a necklace and a bracelet idea already!

In other news, my wonderful Sony VAIO laptop's display went on the fritz today and isn't working anymore, so the DH is getting my little Dell set up for me. I'm doing this post on my work laptop (at home, after hours!)

I think the VAIO may be replaced rather than repaired - and I'll miss it, it's been a fabulous laptop with a big screen, great keyboard and built in video camera. There is also a lot of helpful software on it, but as my next laptop will undoubtedly be a Mac, I'll have to learn how to use a whole new suite of programs.

FTC compliance notice of material connection: The assorted beads, as noted above, were provided to me for free, to be used for design purposes, or for a statement of my honest opinion of them, by Rings & Things.

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Blogger Dave Robertson said...

:) I chucked the loose freshwater pearls in as 'padding' at the last minute, so no surprise that they're in that kind of shape. For the shell pearls, I do think we pack 'em a little more carefully for purchase, yikes!

at Rings & Things

February 23, 2010 at 8:24 AM  
Blogger Dawno said...

No worries, Dave, I figured as much - thanks for coming by and clearing it up! The post office is really rough on my mail - I constantly get things that are bashed around and torn.

February 23, 2010 at 8:41 AM  

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