Thursday, July 14, 2011

Freshwater Peacock Pearls and Silver Squareknot Chain

Today has been pretty busy already. I'm "nesting" I guess, got up at 7:30, read email and watched the end of a Babylon 5 movie I downloaded from Amazon as I got myself awake. Fixed breakfast for Glenn and me, did some overdue housework and laundry, got my daughter's room a bit more ready for her visit here tonight.

There's still more to do in there later - when she's not here it's my "photo studio" so I had to fold up my light box and put away all the accoutrements. My daughter is visiting because she, Glenn and I are going to go see the last Harry Potter movie together tomorrow morning...even have our Gryffindor scarves!

As a reward for my hard work I decided to take a break and post my latest work in progress. So far it's just the chain and pearls. Not sure if I should try to do more.

There are about 8 more inches of chain behind the display for a total of 17", so I think it may have to be a bit longer. This piece was quite time consuming as I needed to assemble the links into a chain then add all the pearl dangles, which each have to be assembled with headpins and then looped.

The pearls were ordered a long time ago from FireMountain and many of them had double drill holes, so adding to the tedium was sorting through the bin for good ones. I do love the colors, though. It's hard to tell in the picture, but they range from a blue-grey to silvery lavender and are slightly iridescent.

I'm now working on some commissions for friends I worked with who raided my lanyard stock before my last day, as well as a gunmetal and Swarovski pearls & crystals bracelet. I'll be ready to show that to you soon, so do come back!

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