Monday, May 26, 2008

BayCon - Final Day, Final Hours

I was going to live blog one more time from the convention, but after the previous post my 24 hr subscription to the internet service at the hotel must have expired (and early, I think). I just couldn't see paying another $13. So here's the final chapter of Dawno's BayCon Artist's Alley Adventure.

Most of the traffic was to the Art Show room where people were picking up their items from winning bids or the Art Auction. There was a good sized line for a while but by about 1:00 it was down to a trickle of onsies and twosies.

I had a new neighbor today, a seller of 'nerf-y' swords:

I believe I overheard that he does other things - I think he made the chainmail vest he has on and I think he was doing classes and demos at the con, too.

I swung by the dealer's room one more time and bought a lovely rutilated quartz pendant and a new book.

I made two sales today as well. Haven't tallied up the weekend's earnings, but I do believe I'll be quite happy with the outcome.

When I'm less tired and more coherent, I'll post some additional thoughts about the experience.

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