Sunday, May 25, 2008

Midday Update

It's been a pretty quiet day so far. I've made two sales so far. Not a lot of traffic stopping to look, seems like they're all focused on getting to somewhere and rather fast at that. My friend from Absolute Write who's helping out in the dealer's room came and sat at my table for a few minutes so I could visit the booths. I bought a con tee-shirt, a fun tote

and a new bracelet from Spirit of Iron

I had one incident that unnerved me a bit - there was a group of three people that decided to stand in front of the table that I am sharing with another artist. They had their backs to us and were standing side by side about 18 inches in front of us - so there was no room to go behind them, even if you could notice us with them in the way. After 15 minutes, I decided to ask them to just move to the side a bit so they wouldn't block the table. I was very polite, "would you mind please moving, you're blocking our table". The young lady in the center responded by saying "I'm offended that there are three of us here and you're singling me out." I told her, "No, I'm looking at all three of you, but you're in the middle of the group, so, yes, I may be looking at you more than the ones flanking you - I'm not deliberately singling you out." They did move, but they weren't happy about it from the glares I kept getting.

Next time I'm just going to get the Art Show manager to talk to people - I don't need some snotty kid with a bad attitude and no social graces giving me shit. I paid to be here and unless she had her badge tucked away, it didn't look like she did.

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