Thursday, May 22, 2008

Packing for Tomorrow

I've been putting together my stuff to take tomorrow. I've got five plastic divided bins with beads and one more with all the other pieces and parts like clasps, Scrimps, wire guardians, etc. Seed bead tubes in the side pockets and tools in the lid. Two hard plastic cases with fold down drawers with more beads - those are all strapped into my old folding luggage roll-along thing.

I've put two ziplock baggies of miscellaneous beads in my backpack and it will also have to carry my laptop. Upstairs in the "photo studio" aka daughter's bedroom, computer networking equipment room and exercycle room, I've got the stuff I'll use when I sell something - bags and little boxes, tissue, pouches, that sort of thing. I'll need to figure out how to transport that - probably in a tote bag. I will also need one more rolling carrier to bring my beading lap desk, my finished bead lanyard necklaces, and their displays - guess I'll use a piece of luggage. This is undoubtedly way too much stuff - but I won't know for sure until I get there.

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