Thursday, May 22, 2008

So Much to Do, So Little Time Left!

Well, the big BayCon weekend is nearly upon me - I've got a lot to do to get organized still. I've completed about 16 or 18 beaded badge lanyard necklaces since last Friday.

I finally got some pictures taken, but have so many more to do. Since I'm losing daylight and one of my photography lamp bulbs burned out, I had to stop. I'll do more tomorrow.

I will also try to take shots on my cell phone at the convention and post them via the mobile blogging feature, so they'll go up without any text at first. I'll come back and add some commentary when I have time.

Wish me luck! Until next time, here are a few of the things I've made that I'll have on display at the convention:

Cobalt glass with a light blue feathered design

Gold iridescent glass bi-cones with smoky quartz beads

Hematite colored glass hexagonal and druk beads

Jade and freshwater pearls

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