Thursday, May 1, 2008

A New Look

I've been playing around with the template and welcome your feedback. The new banner is a closeup photo of necklaces I've done, edited with PaintShop Pro. I like the new background color, the softer tint seems easier on my eyes.

Speaking of photos - I've got a ton of photography to do - a number of my Etsy listings are coming due and need to be re-listed. Since the earliest items were photographed differently than my current style, I'm going to have to re-shoot all of the ones that I re-list. And then, there's the new stuff, too.

I finished the piece I blogged last night (pictures above) and have listed it at Etsy. Unfortunately, I don't have antiqued gold for the bead wire thimble and Scrimp at the end of the necklace - those are bright and shiny and don't quite look right. I will have to do some research on techniques to see if I can antique them my self.

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