Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yep, I'm Going to the Con With My Beaded Lanyards

While I wait for my new lobster claw clasps to arrive, I'm using these clever "Bead Stoppers" to keep my lanyards from falling apart. Tonight I've finished a jet and carved black amber necklace lanyard,

a red, white, and blue necklace lanyard using red Czech glass hexagons,

and a blue, white, and red necklace lanyard using blue Czech glass hexagons.

I think I'll do two, or at most, three, more red white and blue ones before I stop making them. Too bad I couldn't find opaque white hexagon beads.

It's very hot here tonight - temperatures were around 97 degrees F this afternoon and it's not cooling off fast enough. With a couple of computers running and the lighting to see what I'm working on, my work room is warmer than the rest of the downstairs by, I'm guessing, 10 degrees. Makes it a bit hard to get into the work.

I got an email from my contact at BayCon for Artist's Alley - seems I'm all set! Now I have to figure out what to bring and how to tote it around! I have a couple of contraptions for that - a nylon tote with lots of zippers and pockets and velcro and elastic, that holds 5 or 6 bead storage boxes, and two hard plastic tote cases that have little drawers on both sides, that don't so much pull out as down part way - that will be good for spacers and bead-caps. I'll probably fill those up and maybe a bin as well with beads and tools. Then there will be the display stuff to show my finshed work. I have to put price tags on all of 'em too! Got my work cut out for me now.

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