Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Dawno's Beaded Badge Lanyard & Jewelry Notecard

I use CafePress to host some goodies for the Absolute Write site and occasionally I make stuff for myself, too. For example, back when I was in L.A. I saw this gorgeous teal colored flowering plant. I took a picture (scroll down in the post previously linked, for the picture) and it turned out pretty well. So I went and had a 2008 calendar printed out using it, which I think turned out lovely.

I also decided to make some notecards for my little beading business - to send as thank-you cards and who knows what else. They turned out pretty well - and you might recognize the photo I used.

I'm also going to, someday, make some cell phone "charms" that look like little beaded lanyards, clip them to badge blanks with my business card printed on them and give them out. Someone could use the clasp at the end to hook a little charm to, I think, so it's something that might actually be kept and used.

Not sure when I'll get motivated to do them in number, I've made a prototype and it's a bit time consuming. Also, I have to print the business card on the badge using clear labels that I stick on the blank badge stock - the cost of a card printer to do it directly on the badge stock is over $600.

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