Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mostly a Photography Day

Did photography most of the day and got nine new listings up at Etsy. I've set up a fall themed background for my beaded badge lanyards. Of course this means I'll have to de-list them and re-do the pictures in a different theme come December. Probably not limit myself to a Christmas theme except for Christmas items. I'll go with something snowy I think.

Before I started photographing I worked for a little while on the vintage style necklace, a piece of which I posted about last night. Here's my progress - will need to do some tweeking to make it lie nicer, but I'm nearly there.

When I'd grown too tired of taking pictures, I decided to work on a new strung necklace to give my hands a break from the pliers, and also because the design idea I got was more suited for a badge lanyard.

I used prehnite and amethyst beads with antique gold vermeil spacers in this one. I'd also recently received a couple packages of bead caps that fit down over the front and back edges of rectangular or larger flat oval beads and I'm using them for the larger prehnite rectangles at the clasp end of the badge lanyard necklace. I think they give the piece a very lush look.

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