Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Found It!

As I was going through some papers to find the documents needed for a mortgage loan pre-qualification application (yes, we're trying to buy - been renting for over 10 years now) I found my lost screwdriver. I'd already taken one of the tiny Scrimps screwdrivers and affixed it with Aleene's Jewelry & Metal glue to the wooden handle of a broken pearl reamer (I'd snapped the tip and couldn't use it anymore) and it was working fine, but it's always nice to find a favorite tool.

Yesterday (and the rest of this week) was a very busy day at the day job. I rested, and watched some TV after work, so I didn't do any new beading to share here. I did work on my jump ring chains - I have 'built' a simple chain one loop into two loops and then continue in that pattern. It's 17" long now and I will probably stop at about 20", then add some dangly beads and a focal/pendant. It's another 'apprentice' piece, so it may never be for sale.

Although I have tried to close each ring well, it still feels a little rough because the links aren't soldered. I don't know if there's an alternative to actual soldering, but it would be nice if the links were smoother feeling.

I'm feeling a bit more comfortable with the techniques, I may try something more complicated soon. There are a number of lovely pieces I've seen, for example, some of these shown in the customer gallery at Spiderchain.

I've just finished a piece using light weight eye-pins to hold table cut oval glass beads in pink and tiny, faceted pink/peach iridescent coated ovals which I'm linking together.

I think it has quite a vintage look to it with the brass filigree flower at the end.

Made some matching earrings as well.

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