Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Stuff on Etsy - Finally! And a Last Minute Lanyard for the Trip

I finally put up a number of new pieces, you'd recognize them as I've blogged about them recently. A few new bargain lanyards are in the mix.

I put together my wardrobe for the trip and figured out what lanyards I wanted to take and also decided that with one outfit, I'd wear my turquoise nugget and tiger's eye necklace. I paired a number of lanyards with it and wasn't happy with them, so I decided to make a new one specifically as a complimentary piece with that necklace. I had a tiger's eye lanyard that I've never been particularly happy with, so I unstrung it for some small tiger's eye beads and used a set of longish, rounded end barrel turquoise beads with them. Also made a pair of earrings with the nuggets and the last of the Pamada beads.

Well, still have more packing to do and an early morning. Hope you have a great week!

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