Monday, October 20, 2008

Sticking to a Template

For the most part I don't usually repeat a design many times. Mostly because my supply of a particular kind of bead lends itself to one or two, but not much more that that. Occasionally I will have different colors of the same type of bead and I might do one or two color variations of the same pattern.

That went out the window with the design idea that started with the Chateau Picard badge lanyard necklace. I've now done 14 variations on that theme in different colors. Here's the three latest versions, two in a smoky quartz colored glass (the label says "reconstituted smoky quartz" whatever that means) and one in a lovely chardonnay yellow color. The picture doesn't do them justice as it's a bit blurry and the lamp adds a bit of extra yellow.

The main reason I've made so many of these is that they are going to be the bulk of my 'bargain' necklace lanyard selection on Etsy. They're relatively simple, less expensive, and less time consuming to make than the other necklace lanyards I've done, so I can put them at a very inexpensive price point, $20.00. I'm going to try to get them all listed on or before this weekend.

If you can't wait, and the color you'd like isn't on Etsy yet, feel free to contact me via email and we can work out the arrangements.

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