Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Pick is On Hiatus!

I have such a backlog of great beads to work with, and ideas with them that I need to turn into jewelry, that I'd better focus on the stuff I already have and not get distracted by more shiny stuff. Which I'll certainly be (and probably buy) if I put together a Friday Pick.

So instead, here's something I've just started with copper beads and chrysocolla from The Beadin' Path.

I just need to think about what else it needs before I'm satisfied that it's done. I usually start things pretty simple and then start adding stuff, this one definitely seems to be going that direction.

There's the slight possibility of something dangling from the flower at the bottom of the large focal, but I have an idea I'm going to experiment with first. Whether it works out or not, you'll find out about it here!

Speaking of lots of shiny stuff, today my August beads of the month from The Beadin' Path arrived, a lovely selection of glass beads crafted to look like sea glass (some of which are BeadClub specials and not in the catalog) another bag full of Lucite beads (now I can finish the necklace I featured last Friday) plus more yellow and orange Lucite flowers to finish up the necklace I shared on Wednesday). Obviously, I have plenty to work with, so I need to get to it.

See you, I hope, tomorrow!

P.S. - I challenged myself, on Twitter, to list something every night until I run out of things to list. Here's the pair of earrings I listed last night on Art Fire:

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