Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits - Sometimes It's the Beads, Sometimes It Isn't

Often I'll let a design come to me by starting off just playing around with different beads and findings to come up with the idea for a necklace or bracelet. This time I started out looking at the silver links, then pairing them up with some chain, then looking at a few of the piles of beads lying about (yeah, I'm still trying to get the workspace organized) and that's how I ended up with the necklace below.

The larger beads are Czech fire polished beads in crystal/aquamarine with a metallic AB coating on one side, from Rings & Things. Also from Rings & Things are the small opaque turquoise glass disk beads being used as spacers. I have had the opaque turquoise Swarovski bicones in my stash for ages, not sure where they're from anymore. The smaller purple beads are a light amethyst/copper roundelle from The Beadin' Path. The chain, tiny antiqued silver flower bead caps, and the silver Art Nouveau style links are from Accessories Susan.

I think this one is done, although I never know when I'll look at it and decide that it's time to fiddle some more. The biggest problem I have with this, and most of my designs, is coming up with a name for it. I suppose one will eventually come to me, but so far, nothing.

When I first started making my lanyards I would look up the names of cities that I felt somehow fit the look or the stones I was using. After a while, and especially when I started branching out to other types of jewelry, I stopped. I also gave some pieces names from Star Trek - characters, things, places from the shows or movies. Lately I've named very few pieces and stuck more to descriptions. I hope I'll eventually settle on something that satisfies me.

Pretty soon I'm going to have to start working on tags and things for the convention I'll be selling at in November. It would be great if I had a good idea of what to name things as I'm doing that. Wish me luck!

Hope to see you back tomorrow - I like how the piece I'll share turned out, hope you do to!

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