Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Miscellany - Leopard Skin Jasper and Gunmetal Necklace, part 2

I've been fiddling with this leopard skin jasper necklace for some time now. Back in September I posted this:

I mentioned that I thought something was missing. I went back to work on it this weekend and now it looks like this:

Now I'm not entirely sure that the chain part still works, but I certainly do like the addition of the new strand. I don't have enough crystal volcano to do another strand like the top one, so the decision is do I order more and replace the chain with another one like the top? I'm leaning in that direction. By the way, the chain is a bit challenging to work with when it comes to connecting it because of the way the links are made - they're like little cages that clasp through each other in one direction. At one end of the chain it's pretty secure, but at the opposite end the clasping part tends to bend apart too much and it's nearly impossible to close them well.

I enjoy reading the thinking processes of other designers, so I hope that these little glimpses into mine are interesting or even valuable to you, too.

'Til tomorrow -

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