Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rhodonite & Filigree Necklace

I have had this rhodonite oval bead glued to a four leaf filigree from Accessories Susan, in which I had curled each of the leaves into a tube shape, sitting on my worktable for ages. I liked the idea, just wasn't sure where to go with it.

Then I found these huge rhodonite ovals at Michael's and thought I'd try making it into a pendant that hung under the filigree piece. I used the same chain and a long eyepin to attach it. I thought it looked too plain, but I wore it anyway to see if it got any notice. Didn't get a peep.

Got home and set it on the table to ponder it some more. Then I got the idea to embellish the huge oval somehow, maybe use some filigree to wrap around it. Finally decided to glue an embossed sterling silver plated filigree piece to it and added a little rhinestone to the center. I think I'm going to add some clear Swarovski bicones and filigree tube links on the chain next.

This has been a very busy week at work and when I'm home I'm pretty tired, although I do manage to do a piece or two each night. As I mentioned yesterday I was focusing on bracelets and meant to get some earrings done, but I keep making new bracelets - I'll show them and possibly a new necklace, if I finish it in time, tomorrow.

The countdown clock is ticking away - I'm starting to obsess about my display now, and how I'll get it all in the car for the long drive to L.A. Since my daughter is coming up over the weekend to spend Thanksgiving week here, I'll have to clear all my stuff out of her bedroom which doubles as a photography "studio" and storage for all my displays and other related stuff. The dining room is going to be overwhelmed since it will become my staging area until I pack it up for next Wednesday's trip.

Hope you'll drop by again tomorrow!

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Blogger JustATish said...

Your show is all the way in LA?!?! I will be thinking about you saturday, sending good thoughts your way.

You will do fine. I should call you sat nite and we can discuss our day over a glass of wine :)

Good Luck!!!

Oh - that necklace is rockin!!! i love it! one of my favorites so far

November 19, 2009 at 8:14 AM  
Blogger Dawno said...

Actually, and sorry if I was confusing, my show in LA is over Thanksgiving weekend, starting on Friday after and going thru Sunday (27th to the 29th) it's a Science Fiction convention and I'll have a table in the dealer's room. Still, feel free to call Saturday nite! :-)

And thanks for the compliment on the necklace! I hope I'll find time to add the extra bits soon, will share a pic when I do!

November 19, 2009 at 8:23 AM  

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