Friday, May 16, 2008

Google Search Phrase Gives Me an Idea for New Lanyard Necklaces

I check my Site Meter stats pretty regularly to see how folk find this little blog and if there are ever any outclicks to my Etsy site. (not many, sad to say). The Site Meter stats show the referral link that sent someone here. Lots of passers by arrive by using the "next blog" link in Blogger. And they stick around about 0 seconds on the whole *grin*.

One of the visits that caught my eye was a search phrase: "clear bead lanyard". I immediately got out my clear hexagonal beads and made a lanyard and will probably do a couple more with different styles of beads. I even spent the first five or so minutes after I went to bed thinking through some ideas. (click picture to enlarge for detail) Since I found seven silver swivel lobster claw clasps tonight, I can finish it and post it to Etsy tomorrow! I wonder why the package is seven and not eight. Would have been nice if it were eight in a pack, I could finish four lanyards tonight instead of three.

By the way, if you see something here you like but would prefer it in a different color or with slightly different beads, email me - I can work with you on your custom design and transact the deal directly.

Thank you to the Google-er from Los Angeles for the inspiration!

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