Saturday, May 3, 2008

New Items Up at Etsy Using New Photo Layout Ideas

As I mentioned I was going to do in yesterday's post, while I was out getting items to send to my son, I stopped by Jo Anne Fabrics and bought 10 lengths of textured, solid colored, silk-like material to use as drapes for my product shots. I've also decided to try using a translucent white, hand-shaped jewelry stand to drape my necklaces around for the "teaser" shot. Here's an example with the peach moonstone and copper piece I finished today:

After mailing my son's packages, I made a stop at Global Beads and picked up some beautiful quartz beads with threads of gold in them. I had some other glass beads I'd been trying to figure out how to use, and I think I'm on to something by combining them with the new quartz - I'm just not sure yet.

One of the things that has me hesitating, is that I found 12 tiny round beads in the mixes I bought down at Beadniks in Santa Monica that go perfectly with the glass beads - but not enough of them for the full design. If you know where I can find more of those small round beads, please let me know!

The other thing is that the quartz seems a bit 'rich' against the pattern of the glass beads.

I'm working on a new piece in the meantime, this one of yellow glass and white mother of pearl 'rice' beads, which I think will be a beautiful eyeglass lanyard when it's finished.

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