Saturday, May 17, 2008

More Red, White and Blue Beaded Badge Lanyard Necklaces Coming Up!

Once again, Google search, as seen in my Site Meter details, led me to make another red, white and blue beaded badge lanyard necklace, since someone visited here after searching Google. I can't put it up on Etsy yet because without the lobster claw clasps I need I can't photograph it. I'd hoped for delivery yesterday, but for some reason the tracking said it arrived in Oakland in the morning and went back to Oakland the same afternoon - weird. I expect the order will be delivered Monday as it's in the local shipper's location today. Too bad they didn't deliver it today - I'm getting backed up with nearly finished stuff. (you can click on all the photos to see a larger image, by the way)

Also made these two new ones, featuring clear glass beads with white details. I've had these beads for some time now but until I got the new opaque white glass beads I wasn't able to come up with a look I liked for them.

I finished a making an eyeglass lanyard using petite pink ceramic beads with a bit of a woven detail to them (they're one of my favorite beads and I bought tons of them), pink lined seed beads and 4mm opalescent white druk beads. I'd been working on it on and off for awhile, just kept putting it down to do other things.

I also have been busy getting all the stuff I think I'll need at my very first public crafting/selling adventure next weekend. I have boxes, bags, new displays (the blue and black ones used here are two of my new ones, they're covered in a raw silk material - I got several colors of them.) I'll be assembling the accessory packs and putting them in little bags, gold organza for the gold accessories and silver for the silver - the wedding aisle in Michaels had these in just the right sizes.

The weather's been quite warm here, which makes it challenging to sit and bead in my workroom - it gets a lot of sun and we don't have air conditioning. I use fans and keep the screen door open, but it still gets very hot. Nonetheless, I've gotten a lot of work done, have two more works in progress - one with a fun square millefiori glass bead and some rich orange 4mm druk beads and the other using amethyst colored glass beads. I'll probably finish tonight and post the pics tomorrow.

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