Thursday, July 31, 2008

Moss Agate and Ceramic Bead Badge Lanyard Necklace

Just finished - I was trying to think of how to set off the moss agate beads and remembered that I still had quite a few blue/green ceramic beads from when I was visiting Orange County, CA this winter and found a great bead store in Huntington Beach, Beadology. If I could ever afford to open a bead store, that store would be the one I'd try to emulate.

I will be using that blue/green bead (center - oval bead) for something else soon - I really like it.

Here's the new lanyard. It's 32" long with silver plated copper beads, silver glass seed beads, moss agates and the blue/green ceramic bead between tiny, silver plated, pewter disc-shaped spacer beads.

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