Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Pieces Up at Etsy

Two new sets are up on my Etsy page now, as well as individual listings for the pieces of the sets. The photography and listing process took most of the afternoon, but it's done. I'm still way behind - I've probably got 15 or 20 beaded badge lanyard necklaces that haven't even been photographed yet.

Etsy has improved the photograph upload page so you can re-arrange the thumbnails now. Good job, Etsy! There's also a new field on the page where you add your price and the shipping terms, where you can select the special section your pieces will be listed in during the listing process (I've got sets, eyeglass lanyards, earrings, bracelets and semi-precious stones as my sections). Previously you had to do that from a separate page after you'd made the listing. All in all, the enhancements are definitely appreciated.

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