Saturday, August 23, 2008

Seems Like About an Inch an Hour

The wrapped loop chain experiment is progressing at about an inch an hour - well, I've actually done 12 inches, so I guess I'm going a bit faster than that. My hands are a bit sore and my thumbnails are trashed. I may not be doing this in the most optimal fashion.

The loops are getting a bit smaller as I go along. There's no wiggle room between loops for the stones now, either. The other thing that seems to be going well is less wastage of wire; I'm 'eyeballing' the lengths and seem to have figured that out.

I'm using a rather soft 22 gauge "non-tarnish silver" from Artistic Wire, which makes it a bit easier to manipulate, but I'm not sure of its durability. The stones are 6mm round howlite and ~15x8mm amazonite rounded rectangles. This shot makes the stones look more blue than they actually are - they're a lovely pale sea-green color with white streaks.

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