Sunday, August 17, 2008

Conquering the Chaos!

I was up until after midnight yesterday working on labeling and setting up my necklace lanyards for display, so I woke up pretty late this morning. I've spent a few hours today just doing some tidying up of my computer desk - next I have to do the same behind me in my beading area.

As for the labeling and re-naming project, the thing that takes the most time is deciding on a name for the piece and then looking up a good quote! I'm using Memory Alpha Wiki a lot, along with the Internet Movie Database which has good quotes and other information on the characters and episodes - including a page of quotes - at least for some of the main characters, haven't looked up more than a few characters so far there.

Each piece, then, gets a tag with the new name and a quote to go with it (see yesterday's post), on one side and the materials, length and price on the other side.

I use my Dymo LabelWriter Pro to make the labels for the tag, which for now, is a simple paper tag I bought at Office Depot. Then I attach two clear badge holder pockets (also from Office Depot - I'm glad I got one of their frequent buyer cards!), a horizontal one to hold my business card, and a vertical one that I'm tucking the tag into for now to keep them clean and unbent. I've seen some lovely tags on fancy paper, but my handwriting has gone to hell from so many years of using the computer. Then there's also the time it would take to make those kinds of tags - well, I'm not sure I'm up for it and I think the ones I'm making look pretty good.

I also put eyeglass loops on the end-clasps of the lanyard, at least for the ones that aren't too heavy to be eyeglass leashes. The end clasps I'm using now are a larger swivel lobster claw clasp that will be easier to manage when taking off the badge or eyeglass hardware, and the swivel will help prevent tangles or the badge turning over to the back. I've also started using a larger split-ring for the loop that attaches the badge hardware to the leash clasps.

I'm also printing out a color photo of the badge on a full size label sheet, cut out the pictue and place it in a composition book I'm using as an inventory book. In there, I'm numbering each piece, putting the date I made it, with space for the date sold and where (BayCon, LosCon, Etsy, etc.), and putting a full description of the materials, length and list price. Then I leave space for notes at the bottom.

Little by little I'm getting more organized - whether or not I go to LosCon, there will be other opportunities and I want to be ready.

Soon I'll start figuring out what I want my display to look like and how to set that up. As for actually beading today - we'll see if I have any energy left after I finish my cleaning and organizing.

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