Friday, August 15, 2008

Frosty and Foil-lined Clear Glass Bead Combo

I started beading rather late last night, so I didn't stay up after I was done to photograph and post about my work. I made a long lanyard necklace - almost 36", so it would work great for swipe badges or on taller wearers. Can be doubled when worn as a necklace.

I think it's a bit heavy for an eyeglass leash, the foil lined coin beads add a bit of heft to the strand. I used silver plated copper discs around the foil glass coins and silver plated pewter bead caps with the smaller frosted glass coins. In between are frosted glass druk beads separated by clear glass seed beads.

The frosted coin beads were collected from a good number of different Blue Moon Beads "Crystal large glass bead mix" packages with beads from "Czech. Rep. & Asia". I always grab four or five of these packages when I see them, and while I was in Denver, I picked up maybe six or seven. A few of those packages each had two or three of the frosted glass coins in them. So, as I was sorting them out, I pulled the frosted coins and got the idea for this design.

and here's a view of it flat against silver-grey background

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