Monday, August 25, 2008

Thinking About Fall Colors and Acting on It

I was thinking about how August is almost over and before you know it, it will be fall again. So tonight I worked with some old beads and some new ones with fall colors in mind.

In the first piece I finally decided how to use some ceramic beads I bought in February down at Beadology. I used bright gold tone metal spacers, brown ceramic beads and amber shell beads I bought in Denver (also used in these pieces) and one donut bead from the same batch I used to make the one on the left in this picture.

(click picture for larger image)

I was a bit lazy about the photography, mostly because I have to finish the piece off with its hardware and then eventually I'll do a full shoot for posting at Etsy. Won't be this weekend - it looks like I've got some family visiting up here because my nephew who goes to college at UC Davis will be playing in a football game against San Jose State. My daughter was thinking about coming up, too, so if I get any photography done, it might be Monday.

The other almost finished piece is made with almost entirely new beads. I got a batch of Czech glass druks in a 'tiger-eye' pattern which I've matched up to some beads I found at Global Beads yesterday - they're glass and I love the dark amber and cream stripes in them. I used tiny matte antique gold glass seed beads in this (and the one above) as well. The focal beads are dark amber glass rondells with antique gold tone spacers.

(click picture for larger image)

By the way, my beading, lately, has been accompanied by the classic rock station at, an online music provider.

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