Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Where Did It Go?

I've misplaced my favorite screwdriver. This is a bigger deal than it might seem at first. I use "Scrimps" instead of the usual crimp tube or bead at the ends of my necklace lanyards. The Scrimp has a tiny screw in it to clamp down the stringing material (usually Beadalon 19 strand satin bead stringing wire). Scrimp kits contain a mini-screwdriver, but they're short and it's hard to get a good grasp and good torque with them, especially if the screw is a bit stuck - I've ended up with a still stuck screw and a completely deformed screwdriver tip. I've sliced my finger a time or two with them, as well.

So last fall I was in Dallas at a conference and needed to tighten the Scrimp on a lanyard I was wearing and didn't have one of those screwdrivers handy and thought that maybe an eyeglass repair kit would have one that would work. I went to the hotel sundries shop and, sure enough, they had a nice kit with a wonderful screwdriver - the tip was just the right size at the tip and it was longer in length (I think about 4" long in all) with a plastic handle that gave me a good grip. I've tried to take very good care of it and always put it back where it belongs when I'm done with it so I won't lose it.

Well, today I have 5 necklace lanyards that need hardware and was at the point where I was ready to apply a Scrimp to the first one when I looked around for my screwdriver and couldn't find it. I've pretty much combed every inch of my office now to no avail. So I'm back to using the smaller one that came with the Scrimps and not enjoying it one bit.

Here's my latest necklace lanyard, 30" long, made with frosted colorless glass Czech beads, very tiny, copper colored, glass seed beads, two sizes of lightly satin-brushed copper oval beads and copper bead caps. I apologize for the poor picture quality - I'm definitely going to need natural light and experiment with the background color, to do this one justice.

The picture above shows it draped as a necklace. Below is where I show it with a badge to give you an idea about the way I maintain the pattern idea, but make it just a bit more interesting, (at least to me) at the ends.

You may also have noticed that the lanyard attachment isn't a large lobster claw, like on my silver and gold designs, because I hadn't been able to find the large ones in copper. Until recently! In my post a few days ago about vintage -style designs, I mentioned Accessories Susan, and while she didn't have them posted, I emailed her about the possibility of getting some, and she said she'd order them! I am obsessively checking her 'new arrivals' list for them.

I know I said I'd post the shell lanyard today, but since it's still unfinished, and I'm pouting about my screwdriver, it's not going up tonight.

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