Saturday, December 6, 2008

Practice Loop Metal Necklace and Earring

I recently took part in a group bulk buy opportunity and got a good deal on sterling wire. Before I dare snip and bend using the good stuff, I decided to practice.

I practiced with some silver colored wire from Michael's - have no idea what it's made of - it's a bit gray, like steel. It's a bit less stiff than sterling wire, but I don't have any worry about wastage and it's a good practice wire for making looped links.

Using small silver plated brass beads from an assorted bulk mix, jump rings I made by coiling and snipping the same wire, black glass beads and silver plated copper beads, also from an assorted bulk mix, I made this 16" necklace and one matching earring. I need to go get more of the embellished headpins to make the second earring.

I can't quite decide if it's got a 'style' I can lable it with - punk, goth? Kind of vintage-y and a bit industrial looking...well, whatever it is, I actually like it.

I'm 90% ready to post my "special new project" post - but I'm still waiting for delivery of one final piece. Since it didn't show up in today's mail, I hope it'll arrive Monday.

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