Friday, June 5, 2009

"Follow Fridays" for Bloggers

Fridays on Twitter have become a day to share lists of people you follow with others, called "FollowFriday". On Twitter you can use a # sign before a word (this is called a hash tag) or phrase to make it a indexed term where all other posts with that tag can be searched as a group and read.

Thus, every post on Twitter (called a Tweet) that has #FollowFriday is conglomerated into a massive Twitter stream. You could just go and start following everyone who comes up on that search, which I don't recommend, or you could start following just new people who people you follow recommend. Or you could just sit back and enjoy the show...I do a little of both and I recommend many of my followers on Follow Friday. I'm going to try to be more descriptive of why folks should follow to add some signal to all the noise.

In blogging, our "hash tag" is our blogroll, I guess, but that's such a static and often forgotten thing. I think it would be wonderful to share on a more frequent basis the blogs we wish more people would read. If you read The Art Bead Scene or Margot Potter or The Crafty Princess blogs, you'll see that every week they do a link round up of each other and a handful of other blogs. While that's great for them as a group, what I'm thinking of is much more expansive - sharing different blogs, could just be one or two, each week.

So my idea is to request that you please leave suggestions for me of new, and maybe you think, little noticed blogs, in the comments. Consider doing a post like this on Fridays or whatever day you'd like. What are the blogs you'd like other people to be reading because they're important reads for you? I'll visit those blogs and add them to my Wanderings post on Sunday, and follow them in my blogger list. This is just one more way to build community and 'pay it forward'.

Edited to add: Look what I just found: a cute Twitter bird pendant at Etsy!

Please don't forget, on Sunday I post a weekly Wandering Around the Beadosphere to share blogs I found interesting, inspiring, or amusing. I also archive it and my Thursday review/interview posts on a separate blog called Dawno's Beadosphere so you can easily scroll through and find past links more easily (it's also got a search tool). I'd love for you to 'follow' that blog using the widget on it or add it to your RSS feed.

You are also welcome to cut and paste my "wanderings" on your blog (it'd be nice to get a mention, too!) and add some of your own.

hey! I found this Twitter Tutorial [ Twitorial? :-) ]

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