Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dawno's Mid-week Mutterings

So very tired and still sore from weekend hauling and lifting of display out of car, into convention center, out of boxes, onto table, then back into boxes and out to car, repeat the next morning x 4. Last night I had a very achy night with little sleep. I'm still too tired to completely unpack and re-organize my workspace and I have an early meeting today.

Last night I sorted my vintage button purchase into groups by color and type. As I sorted I thought about what I wanted to do. I have several that I think will become a fun choker style necklace, others that may be bits of adornment on something that's mostly strung beads and others for bracelets. Just have to work out how to do them. When I get my act back together I'll take some pictures of some of the best finds in the batch (it's well over 100 buttons).

Also played with some fun lucite flower parts. I have added stamens to them using fine gauge, gold plated, ball-end headpins, next they'll be affixed to some chain and other beads and bits will dangle around on chain and the whole thing will be connected to a necklace of undetermined-at-this-time materials.

Going to make this short and get to bed early (writing on Tues. night for publication Weds. morning because of early meeting). I'd like to remind you that I am archiving all the Sunday Weekly Wandering Around the Beadosphere and Thursday Reviews and Interviews posts at - hope you'll subscribe or follow over there!

Come back tomorrow - I will either have a new interview or a book review up - depends on if I get the interview questions back tomorrow. The book review is written and ready to go if not.

Thanks for dropping by!

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