Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits - The Inner Toddler's Tantrum

My inner toddler is stamping its little footsies and shouting "Need more! Need more NOW!"

I love this design for a necklace, but I only got 5 of these gorgeous Sea Glass style beads from The Beadin' Path August bead club beads. I'm not sure what color they are, probably the one that's out of stock and on my wish list, but not one of the other colors I chose for the order I just sent. Which is ok, too - I have more ideas for this gorgeous disc shape!

But that's not the only tidbit today - A while back, Lisa at A Bead A Day featured a Swarovski flower pendant bead. In the comments I said
"I like both ideas but when I saw it I thought "what if you use large jump-rings and hook lots of flowers in lots of colors through the links in a large gauge rollo chain for a "daisy explosion" bracelet....

Oh dang, now I have to go out and buy them so I can make it! :-)"
And so I did -

It's not on a rollo chain, I'm making the chain with silver tone base metal jump rings from Shipwreck Beads as I go - it's about 80% done. I think it'll look adorable on the wrist when it's done.

The flower pendants are from Dreamtime Creations, where I found I could order just a few of each color. I ordered three of each available color except crystal, got crystal AB instead.

I was a little disappointed in the packaging - one of the Fuchsia flowers looked cracked and sure enough, once it was hanging from the jump ring (which I was extremely careful placing and closing so as not to stress the beads) it broke off at the hole. They used a padded envelope but no additional paper or bubble wrap around the beads which were packed 3 to a small plastic bag.

The package itself had been handled roughly by UPS - it was gray with dirt, had some tears and holes, and even looked like someone had stepped on it...oh well. I don't usually complain about UPS, but this time they really blew it.

I've just put in an order at ConsumerCrafts.com for more flower pendants and some flower beads to make a necklace (not as many colors, though) because of a very kind blogger offer they provided. I was pleased with the pricing and selection, although I haven't done a thorough comparison of that versus other online stores. I should be posting more about the necklace and the experience, next week.

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Blogger Lisa said...

Oh Wow! I love this design!! I need one of those too! I better get busy!! Great color combination too, just perfect!! :)

August 11, 2009 at 8:51 PM  

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