Saturday, September 19, 2009

Arrg - There Be Swashbuckling Supplier Sales Here Matey!

Ahoy! It be Talk Like a Pirate Day, maties! I know me hearties wouldst be availin' the'selves smartly to this booty, 'er they be deemed scurvy scallywags. Be not a landlubber and avast ye over to these wi' a wannion and save some o' yer dubloons. (you can look up the translation for that at "Pirate Speak")

And "L'shanah tovah!" to any Jewish readers celebrating Rosh Hashanah today.

Artbeads 20% off awareness items - coupon code SCW20P-AIS at checkout. Sale ends at 9am (PDT) on Thursday, September 24, 2009.

The Beadin' Path: Use coupon code STNFALL1 for $5 off any $50+ order, use coupon code STNFALL2 for $20 off any $150+ order, use coupon code STNFALL3 for $50 off any order of $250 or more.

Consumer Crafts "Hot Buys" 50% off or more.

Dreamtime Creations Close-out Sale
- Swarovski butterfly beads at $2.99 per dozen, vintage Swarovski ribbed wheels at 19 cents each.

Follow Blue Buddha Boutique on Twitter and find their Twitter coupon for 10% off new niobium sizes! Valid through 9/25

Halstead Bead clearance items - they had a great coupon code this week for newsletter subscribers

Rings & Things limited edition specials (like these skull and crossbones gemstone pendants - be ready for next year's Talk Like a Pirate Day)

Soft Flex September Sale - 30 styles of crimps on sale 25% off + lots more great deals!

Happy Shopping! Don't forget tomorrow's Weekly Wandering Around the Beadosphere - there's been some great blogging to share this week.

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