Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Feature is on Hiatus This Week

No review or interview this week - will have a good one for you soon, though! Thought I'd share a necklace I made using (I think - things are a bit disorganized still and I'm not quite sure) off white matte sea glass style disk beads from The Beadin' Path and some aqua glass spacer disks and Czech pressed glass bicones with tiny silver plated lead-free pewter beehive bead caps.

I wanted to make something in a bit bolder and not quite so formal look. I think this hit the mark. I'm also thinking that I want to do something in colors more suited for fall and winter (although I think this would look great against grey or black as an accent).

Fortunately for me, there are disks in great fall colors, including a matte jet black, root beer, hyacinth and fire opal. I'd love to do something with a dark purple but I'm not sure which disk color to use in contrast since purple isn't one of the colors available. When I figure it out, I'll share.

This and (I hope) a lot more of my work is finally going to make it onto my Art Fire shop this weekend. I've taken tomorrow and Monday off and plan to do a lot of photography. The other thing I'll be doing is getting more of my lanyards posted to Etsy. Haven't made a sale in either store in ages, guess I'll need to get a bit more assertive in my marketing. It's a challenge for me as I have a full time job and can't spend the time I'd like getting the word out or doing some of the things I'd do locally (visit boutiques and maybe see if company stores would like to carry them - seems like everyone around here wears a badge) if I could.

Well, I'm not too worked up over it. I do ok at conventions, so I'll just have to try and get into more of them. Hoping next year is a better year for that.

See you tomorrow for a rather different Friday Pick - October is nearly here and October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so I'll be sharing the Rings & Things picks for awareness jewelry. Hope to see you then.

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