Monday, December 12, 2016

Keep Going 'til it Seems Finished


I posted the necklace to a Facebook group I belong to and got a really good suggestion. I've added a postscript to this posting below to cover the change.

Between the day job and getting ready for the holidays, it's been hard to do much jewelry work! My son is coming home on leave from the Army soon and will be here through New Year's, so I'm not sure how much more I'll be able to do until January. So, just in case I don't post again until after the New Year - happy holidays! May you be able to spend time with loved ones and have lots of fun. I've been fiddling around with this cameo, it's resin, and as shown below, was originally ivory colored flowers on black.

I decided to paint the flowers using Lumiere paints but it still seemed unfinished. So I added a feather and then a leaf sprig embellishment. Decided to put a bit of rhinestone cup chain and some glass 'gems'. Then the chain seemed to plain, so I added some glass, crystal and metal beads to it. I think it's where it needs to be now. I like the very simple and the very ornate equally so sometimes it's hard to find the right place between them for any one piece.


Close up of cameo:

Adding to this post on 12/13/16:

I posted the necklace to a Facebook group of fellow jewelry makers/designers (B'sue Boutiques Creative Group, a closed, by invitation group) and received a good critique about how the two green beads next to the cameo distracted from it. So I moved the beads up the neckline:

Definitely an improvement. This is why I joined the group, to have interactions with like minded folk. 
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