Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dawno's at ConDor 2013 San Diego

ConDor is a smallish con, but it was about twice as large as I'd heard it would be, at over 600 attendees. The programming looked great, if I weren't working I definitely would have gone to the panels. The entertainment schedule looked like a lot of fun, as well.

The venue is the lovely Town & Country resort, but as the rooms were all booked up when I was notified that I'd been accepted as a dealer, I stayed just down the street at the much less lovely, but cheap and comfy enough, Best Western. The con seemed well run and everyone seemed pretty happy. I had great neighbors in the dealer's room and hope to see more of them at other conventions this year or next.

I've added ribbon bookmarks to my display and I think they're pretty cute - wish I'd thought to get a picture!  Didn't get one of my booth and me, either! Well, you can see the backside of the ribbons and a bit of my booth in the picture below (bottom left).

I think these are Tuskens from Star Wars. I wish the gal behind them was facing my booth - she's in a Tardis dress.

There was a great Time Machine replica. The wheel in back spins and there are lighting effects.
This lovely couple had great steampunk outfits and their boy was dressed as a tiny Doctor complete with sonic screwdriver. You can see a little piece of my booth in the far back, behind the lady in the white sweater.

I'm very grateful my daughter was able to come help, it made for a wonderful time!  Next con, BayCon over Memorial Day weekend up in Santa Clara.
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