Friday, June 3, 2016

Sometimes the Product Photographs Help Me to Really See Things Clearly

I'm trying to fill up my ArtFire store, so I'm taking pictures of my finished pieces. Sometimes when I look at the picture on my computer before uploading it to my store I find myself less satisfied with the finished product and take it back to the work table. It's a matter of seeing it out of context and with more detail - just like the buyer will see it online.

Here's one example - this is a pendant I purchased and then did some slight embellishment to by adding gold patina paint to the outer ring design. I then strung large hole beads in brass, silver and copper finishes on to a velveteen necklace.

After I looked at the picture I was going to use to list the item in my ArtFire store, I felt it still looked blah. Back to the workbench. I added a Swarovski flatback crystal to the center and some Marble (white) Vintaj Patina Paint. Here's how that looked.

I think I'll add a few more coats of the patina paint after it dries overnight and then do some clean up at the edges then list it.

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