Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Making Something a bit Different - Bookmarks

A few years ago I made some ribbon bookmarks with beads and other embellishments to take to one of the Science Fiction conventions where I was a vendor. The conventions I did were not like ComicCon or media tie in conventions (Star Trek cons for example) but were about books, authors and reader fans of Science Fiction. Several of the other dealers were book sellers.

I figured there might be some interest in the book marks, made a dozen and I did sell out. They're easy to make and can be sold relatively inexpensively ($1.00 each was my price then, I may have to go to $2.50 for the new ones).

I'm going to be doing more cons next year, if all goes well, so I thought I'd make some more book marks. This time I bought bulk charms and tassels to put on the ends. While I was assembling these I thought that it might be fun, and also attractive to buyers, to add some decoration to the ribbons that were solid colors.  I bought some rubber stamps and some metallic archival ink stamp pads and gave it a try - you can see the stamped design on the green bookmark at the end.

I also remembered that at one point someone looked at the bookmarks (ignoring the sign that said "Bookmarks") and asked "Are these chokers?" and suggested if they were they'd be interested. I couldn't help them at the time, but thought that it wouldn't be hard to make some chokers, too. I'm going to add a little cluster of sea-themed charms to this one. I'll have to get some more colors of ribbon, too - the only solid colors I have now are black and green.

click picture to see details

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